CoreChain Technologies is revolutionizing the $40T market for Businesses-to-Business (B2B) Payments in North America. We’re building a new, fast, and efficient Business-to-Business Invoicing, Financing, and Payments Exchange using enterprise Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to replace the old-fashioned paper invoices and paper checks that drive the never-ending need for manual reconciliation as businesses pay and get paid by other businesses for goods and services.

We also enable a new type of lending that helps companies better manage their working capital at a lower cost, and create new opportunities for leveraging asset-backed cryptocurrencies in B2B Payments. We work directly with companies looking to increase the efficiency of their payments processes, as well as with B2B Marketplaces and B2B Software Platforms with existing commerce volume to enable them to extend their offerings to include B2B Payments. 

CoreChain Technologies is an early-stage FinTech startup founded by B2B Payments and Blockchain experts in late 2018, and is based at the District innovation campus in New Haven, Connecticut.